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Power Seller's Center
Welcome to Power Seller's Center, the Internet's learning community and a pioneer in web-based training for business and the public! Since 1999, we have been helping to produce eBay Powersellers and Internet success stories. Each day, using a computer and Internet connection, students sign into their classroom through the Internet. This "virtual classroom" is designed to fit the student’s schedule.

 Power Sellers Center Logo As with traditional learning, 
qualified Instructors provide a syllabus
outlining course requirements and procedures for student interaction. Assignments will vary by course depending upon the learning objectives, but typically include reading assignments, videos, eBay interaction, e-commerce tasks, tests, essays and discussion groups. Fully downloadable e-books are available for some courses. Students ask questions and correspond with the Instructor through e-mail or our proprietary message system — any day, any time. In addition, students may be asked to participate in discussion forums or scheduled chat sessions with other students within their classroom.

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Power Sellers Center Available Courses

POWER SELLERS CENTER COURSE CATEGORY: eCommerce Education Series Courses

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  • Power Seller Product Sourcing Directory
    Power Seller's Center - Product Sourcing Directory

    One of the hardest parts of succeeding in ecommerce is finding reliable suppliers. At a glance, it seems that there are an abundance of suppliers and dropshippers, but many information sources are out-of-date and a majority of suppliers don't want to deal with small, home-based businesses. Beginning eBay sellers can often save a lot of time and money by choosing Power Seller's Center's Dropshipper and Wholesaler directory.

    Our Product Sourcing Directory is a global product supplier sourcing community and directory.
    Our unsurpassed services includes:

    • A global directory of manufacturers, wholesalers and drop shippers
    • Quality information, often screened and updated by other clients
    • Support when you need it from Power Seller's Center faculty & staff
    • A huge community of hundreds of registered users with our Q & A Forum

    Inside Power Seller Center's Product Sourcing Directory, you'll not only find a solid directory of suppliers - you'll have an opportunity to educate yourself by utilizing the Internet's premiere learning and training center, access market research about a potential market and best of all, participate in the strong on-line community of people doing what you want to do- make a living selling on-line from home!

    Sure, it's possible to find suppliers elsewhere on-line and to get information from various places - but it can take forever and you can run into many defunct or unreliable sources. Power Seller's Center experienced Instructors and staff can answer your questions and give you feedback on a company before you decide to invest in ordering from them. If you are just getting started in the on-line auction business or you want to ramp up your supply network, Power Seller's Center is the only choice.

    Power Sellers Center Devider

  • eBay's DevCon Convention is the place to be!

    eBay Devcon
    If you are a eBay developer and still haven't registered for this year's eBay Developer Conference. Remember to register at ( to improve your eBay application development skills.

    Here are some statistics to consider, direct from the eBay Dev Con keynotes:

    Total active users on eBay: 85,000,000

    Transaction volume on eBay: $2,000 per second

    Number of people who make some or all of their income through eBay: 4.3 million

    Power Seller's Center users have participated in DevCon since 2007.

    Power Seller Devider

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  • PSC Live Assist Portal Page Resource

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